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Policing Reimagined




We will build trust with the community by operating openly and transparently.

- Change the culture of policing

- Implicit Bias Training & Reviews

- Mandatory Body Cam Usage

- Accountability for Misconduct; direct involvement by Sheriff

- Hands-on leadership from the top of the department

- Open door policy with staff & community

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We will seek out community involvement & partnerships, recognizing that we can't do this alone.

- Lean on the resources in our community to help those in need

- Develop partnerships with leaders from the faith, mental health, and social service sectors

- Encourage public/media ride alongs

- Expand community/school policing

- Establish a volunteer service group to provide support and followup services to victims and to supplement department operations

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We will transform the culture in the jail into one that recognizes our responsibility to keep people safe and the unique opportunity we have to impact lives.

- Ensure the medical and mental health needs of inmates are met

- Eliminate jail suicides

- Implement Michigan Task Force on Jail & Pretrial Incarceration Recommendations


We will tackle the opioid and meth problem in our community head on.

- Expanding interdiction team efforts

- Recognizing that enforcement alone will not work; multi-faceted solutions are needed

- Engage community partners

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We will address the rising trend of crimes against kids and other vulnerable populations in our community, including those experiencing homelessness.

- Expand digital evidence processing

- Engage in a community awareness campaign

- Every kid knows a cop

- Identify & partner with outreach organizations

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Policing Reimagined

Policing Reimagined. Its not just a campaign slogan. It reflects my vision for a different style of policing in Grand Traverse County. One that puts people - not power, position, or politics - at the forefront of everything we do. It's a commitment to bringing new ideas and thinking outside the box to solve the problems we face. It recognizes that every individual in our community, regardless of race or socio-economic status, is important and their lives matter.

I believe that police and corrections officers have such a tremendous opportunity to impact the people they serve - - whether it be an accident victim on the side of the road or someone sitting behind bars. Each encounter is an opportunity to impact a life and to make a difference.  I believe that respecting peoples rights and dignity goes hand in hand with maintaining law and order. 


I envision a reformed justice system that repalces wrath with opportunity, channging lives for the better instead of ruining them.


As Sheriff, I will work tirelessly to Build Trust, Engage the Community, Reform the Jail, Combat the Drug Problem and to Protect Kids & Vulnerarble Populations in our community.